Our Projects

Government Girls Primary School SaidPur, Muzaffarab


Over 100 girls in this school have now access to solar powered classroom. The school is established in the outskirt of Muzaffarabad city which was never connected to the national grid since its construction. With installation of 600W solar system, girls of this school for the first time used fans and lights in their classrooms!

Al-Azhar Public School, Razik Kallay, Khyber (formerly known as FATA)


Bordering Afghanistan, the Khyber District is one of the most deprived area, having severe electricity problem, poverty and absence of other basic social services. With generous donations of friends, our campaign installed solar panels of 600 Watt, DC based fans and energy saving lights to benefit over 250 girls. In a area where electricity from national grid is just 4 hours out of 24, this school has no more the electricity issue!

Lamp Lighters Public School Kasur


 Solar For Her campaign established its 3rd solar powered school in Kasur for 57 girls. With generous equipment donation from Reon Energy Pvt. Ltd. as well as donation from Samber Energy and other volunteers, poor girls and boys of a Christian community of Kasur have now access to solar powered classrooms where they can continue education under running fans and lights. 

Community Model Girls School Khairabad, Mansehra



Our 4th Solar Powered School is in village Khairabad, Tehsil Balakot, Mansehra district. 117 girls of this school can now access solar powered classrooms! Solar for Her campaign collaborated with a local development organization Friends Welfare Association to make this school solar powered! 

Solar Powered School Chaman, Balochistan


Solar For Her reaches Balochistan by establishing its 5th Solar Powered School for girls! Over 30 girls of this school will now study in this school by having uninterrupted electricity, sufficient to run fans and lights in the school! Special thanks to Reon Energy Limited and Samber Energy for donating the major equipment and associated accessories for this 750W system. 

Solar Powered Library Hunza


#SolarForHer proudly announces establishment of solar powered lab in Uswa Public School Ganish, Hunza! With thanks to #Reon Industries - the major donor of this project, Samber Energy Lahore and our individual donors, the solar powered lab will facilitate 35 girls every day to use computers for education.