Empowering Girls with Solar Powered Classrooms

Empowering Girls with Solar Powered Classrooms

Empowering Girls with Solar Powered ClassroomsEmpowering Girls with Solar Powered ClassroomsEmpowering Girls with Solar Powered Classrooms

About this campaign

Solar For Her campaign raises funds and spend it on establishing Solar Powered Schools for Girls across Pakistan. It's a voluntary initiative, started by a group of volunteers, aiming to help poor girls access solar powered classrooms in villages and towns. We focus on schools without electricity where girls face extremely hot weather during their studies. 

We believe that when we power a girls' school with solar energy, it in fact empowers girls to fight climate change and ensure bright future!

why solar for her

Because poor girls study in hot classrooms


For girls, it's not just the challenge of accessibility to schools, but also to fight extremely hot temperature in classrooms, especially when they can't run fans due to no electricity facility. During summer, temperature in many areas of Pakistan crosses 40 °C. Remember, there're still 48% schools in Pakistan in which there is no proper electricity arrangement.

Making Girls Schools Solar Powered!


One of the best ways to help girls overcome the challenge of extremely hot weather during their schooling is to make their classrooms solar powered. Solar technology is now the more sustainable way to solve energy crisis and fight climate change.

How we solve this crisis


We identify local volunteers "Campaign Connectors" to help us identify girls schools which are without proper electricity arrangements. We ask everyone for donations or in-kind support and install solar system of 600 to 800 watt at identified schools. Average cost for one solar system is around US$ 800.

Our progress tracking!

So far


6 Solar Powered Schools already established for over 580 girls



24 more girls schools will be solar powered across Pakistan

how we work!

Identify Campaign Connectors


Select the School


Start Fundraising




Help Our Cause

With your small donation, you'll help hundreds of girls in Pakistan study in solar powered classrooms! You'll not only help girls fight climate change but also empower them with dignity and pride! 

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